Some examples of this weeks installations...




This is a great neat idea that we came up with in Coulby Newham, Middlesborough, the cables run through nice neat D-line trunking and behind the fire place. The sky box is hidden in the surround and operated via a magic eye on the TV.

This sort of job costs from as a little as £99, plus the extra parts...



Here's some of our latest work...

Here's a nice discreet TV installation in 
East shore village, Seaham, with the TV 
mounted just above a lovely shabby chic 
unit, blending modern and traditional very 
discreetly and tastefully. What you cant 
see in the image's is there is another TV 
on the opposite side of the wall and all the 
cables are fed invisibly through the wall to
both TV's.




A very modern contemporary look.

The TV and the AV shelf blend seamlessly 
into one another giving a brilliant ultra 
modern look, in this TV wallmount in 
Stanley, Crook, Co. Durham. Notice the 2 
small white holes, this is all we had to do 
in order to get the cables from the TV to 
the wall exit point, allowing the customer 
to easily match up a single piece of wall 
paper to completely conceal the work that 
was carried out here.


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