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Take a look at our latest range of Hikvision colour at night cameras which even have built in siren and flashing lights, A deterrent to any would be thief. These are amazing cameras and intruder alert system all in 1, copy and paste the link below to see them in action.



Nice simple bedroom Installation in kingston Park Newcastle today.
50" Samsung mounted with a super slim bracket onto a hollow wall and the cables in trunking to an X box and PS4, great little man cave.
Only £75 Inc bracket and cables.



What in interesting living room in this home in fatfield washington, made even more so with this huge 65" Sony TV, mounted with a flat bracket.
Cables are chased into the solid wall and the sky q box has been mounted behind the TV, out of sight, complimenting this amazing space.
Only £180 Inc bracket and cables and invisible mounting of sky box.



QLED vs. OLED TVs: Who Wins? 


OLED TVs deliver pristine image quality and amazingly wide viewing angles, but QLED sets deserve your attention because of their brilliant colours and sheer value. 


When two closely related, similar-sounding acronyms are bandied about, confusion is bound to ensue. Hence, QLED and OLED are causing some consternation among shoppers – and among some online reports – about what the differences are and which technology is superior.